About Hrithik Alwani

Hrithik Alwani is more than just another young entrepreneur on the rise: He the forward-thinking, fresh-faced, up-and-coming business mogul making waves in the luxury watch industry. An ambitious and entrepreneurial young leader, he has embraced his hard-earned position with vigor and dedication, displaying drive and resourcefulness in the process.

Hrithik Alwani has quickly become a rising star in the luxury watch realm. He’s managed to develop the business into a fierce social media presence and one of the most well-known reselling companies for high-end timepieces and luxury watches in the industry today — an impressive feat considering his young age.

Possessing an innate understanding of timepieces that extends far beyond just expertise; he approaches each piece with an artist’s eye for detail and craftsmanship. It comes as no surprise that many A-list celebrities have come to rely on him as their personal watch supplier, including Drake, Khalil Mack, D’Angelo Russel, SteveWillDoIt, London on the Track, and more.


In many ways, Alwani was born for this moment and this level of success. Exposed to this world at an early age when his father opened up a jewelry store back home in India, Alwani had always found himself drawn to the opulence and sheer beauty of luxury watches. Despite having opportunities to pursue athletics or other extracurricular activities in school, he preferred instead to visit his father’s shop and learn about watches; it was there that. Alwani grew passionate about the craft and industry which eventually developed into his chosen career path today.

“My dad was a major influence in fostering my love for luxury timepieces,” Alwani says. “When I was younger, he would take me with him to inspect pieces and talk with customers. I remember studying movements and mechanisms of certain pieces and how to sell a client on them. It fueled my fire for the industry, and I wanted to one day be in his position delivering those same customer experiences myself.”

It wouldn’t be long before his dream would come to life. After finishing school, Alwani and his older brother Neelesh took hold of their own destiny and launched the business venture that would change their lives forever.